What is Jvzoo



Jvzoo is an affiliate platform established by Bryan Zimmerman, Brian Rose and Chad Casselman. It is an American company where you as affiliate, but also as product maker can turn to. The Company was established in 2008 and has grown rapidly in a short time. Jvzoo only offers the payment option PayPal, making it the ideal platform for reciprocal sales. Membership systems can benefit enormously of this. Unlike other affiliate / publishers platforms you receive immediate payment on your PayPal account with every sale. In the case of a refund it is also immediately debited from your PayPal account. It is a handy way for getting cash quickly, although you obviously still have to withdraw it to your bank account from your PayPal account. Since Jvzoo only works via PayPal, PayPal support is necessary in the country where you are operating for you to even work with Jvzoo.

Jvzoo has several great features for publishers (product makers). This makes Jvzoo easy to combine with a WSO, so you can promote the products on the WSO forum straight away. If you want to promote your own product via jvzoo you only pay after the sale has taken place. It works on the basis of No cure no pay. If you do have any sales you pay a 5% commission to Jvzoo, or $17, 00. Do you not even have a website? No problem! Jvzoo offers the option of creating a sales page and landing page via the jvzoo system, allowing you to sell your own products without having your own website. Dime sales (sales where the price increases with every sale) are also an option that Jvzoo offers.
For affiliates the makers of Jvzoo have also made several fun features available. You can for instance add your own bonuses to your affiliate links. To convince clients to purchase via your affiliate link you can give them a bonus. This bonus shall be sent immediately upon purchase via Jvzoo. So you as affiliate do not have to take any further action.
Do you have a little space on your website and would you like to promote random Jvzoo products, this is also possible via the ad manager. This is a type of Google Adwords, maar only for Jvzoo products. Obviously your affiliate link is automatically linked to this.

The only disadvantage of Jvzoo to other networks is that you have to be approved by every seller as affiliate. It could therefore take a while before you may promote a product, or it could even occur that you may not promote the product that you would like to promote at all.
Naturally are also always a few rotten applies who spoil it for the rest with affiliate / publishers systems. JVzoo is then often considered as the rotten egg, while this is actually rather the product makers in the first instance. This is no different than with other systems like Clickbank or ShareaSale. There is control, but it is not optimal.

JVZoo marketplace

JVZoo marketplace

Benefits of jvzoo for sellers:

  • Immediate payout
  • No website necessary
  • Immediate connection with WSO
  • Low expenses

Benefits of jvzoo for affiliates:

  • Immediate payout
  • Possibility to add your own bonuses
  • High commissions

Do you have a product or would you like to promote your product, do you wish to do this internationally? Then Jvzoo is a fantastic system for you. It has many opportunities for sellers and affiliates. The only drawback is that it only works with PayPal and therefore does not work with bank transfers.

Are you a customer of someone selling the product via the Jvzoo platform? Then you can unfortunately no approach Jvzoo for yourself. Sellers who sell their products via Jvzoo are personally responsible for possible after care or refunds. Jvzoo distances itself from this. This could cause problems if you have purchased a product from a seller who is not easy to contact.