What is clickbank



Clickbank is an online system with which you as product maker and sell your product digitally. Clickbank then arranges everything for you. From receiving payment, creating the invoices, to linking your product to affiliates and then also paying these. Clickbank is one of the largest systems and comes from American soil. Clickbank offers support for several different languages. Think for example of Spanish, English, German etc. (No Dutch). Clickbank can therefore be considered as global player. Contrary to other systems like JVzoo, you do not receive immediate payment from Clickbank. At Clickbank you have a so-called account balance where all payments, minus the fees, are added up. If your account balance is above a certain amount you are paid out. Clickbank herein offers the opportunities for PayPal or even (in relation to many Countries), a bank transfer. If you earn enough you do not have to wait long for your money, you can be paid out bi-weekly.

All products that are sold via Clickbank are in a summary that Clickbank calls their Marketplace. These products are grouped on subject and sorted on various criteria like the “gravity” in which Clickbank measures the success of the product. The calculations behind the gravity score is a secret of Clickbank, but among other things are structured from the number of promoting affiliates, the refunds and the amounts that can be earned from sales (for both affiliates and sellers). Clickbank has little or no control of products that are sold via their system. As a result there are a lot of “get rich quick” products on the marketplace, but we also find many products of inferior quality in other categories on the marketplace.

If you wish to sell your product via Clickbank you will have to consider a few things. It is easy to activate your product in the Clickbank system, but then you are not there yet. Activation costs $49,95. This only activates the product and it is visible within the marketplace. As soon as you have sold a product you have to pay $1, 00 plus 7, 5% of the sales price to Clickbank. If you sell a product of $100 dollar you will only receive $91, 50. If you have setup 50% in affiliate commission only $45, 75 remains of the total amount. Clickbank can be considered relatively expensive if we consider it alongside the other systems. Clickbank also handles a standard cool-down period of 30 days. If you would like a refund as a client within the 30 day cool-off period then you are also obliged to do this as seller. Even if you do not agree with the reason. This is obviously ideal for clients.

Clickbank members area

Clickbank members area

If you want to be active as affiliate with the Clickbank system then there actually not many drawbacks. Besides for the high quantity of bad products that can be found on the marketplace. You can immediately start earning money, you will just not get all of it paid out in cash immediately. Your account may also be dormant. In other words, for example, you might not have any sales for a month. If this is the case Clickbank charges you $2, 50 per month. You have to make sure that your account is active and that you actively generate sales. For many affiliates this is the goal, so it should not be an issue. As affiliate you may purchase products via your own affiliate link and therefore create a type of discount for yourself. Sellers cannot exclude you from promoting their product because Clickbank does not have this feature. The method of promotion of the products is unlimited. You can use email, social media, bid on brand names in Google, social media, etc. etc. etc. You may not spam, but if you see all spam emails pass now and again you will know enough. They do little or nothing against this.

Benefits of Clickbank for sellers:

    • Many affiliates
    • Everyone can register
    • Support for recurring payments (handy for memberships)

Benefits of Clickbank for affiliates:

      • Many products (although also many idle products and bad products)
      • Little to no limitations in the promotion of the products
      • You need not be approved for certain products. In other words, you can promote all products.

Notice for clients of Clickbank sellers:
If you, as consumer, have purchased a product from a seller via Clickbank you have a 30 day not good money back guarantee. This is standard and is also required by Clickbank. If the seller does not do anything about it and you wait too long for your money, you can always engage Clickbank. They will return the money and make sure that it is financially organized with the seller.