Review: Webinar Jam (Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins)

When you want to bring your knowledge-based business or training course to the next level, it’s almost impossible to not use webinars. Webinars are a form of online seminar, during which many people at the same time are able to login from home and watch your seminar. These seminars are of course ideal to share your knowledge or to plug new products. A webinar provides you with an easy way of reaching a large group of people at a personal level, but how should you set up a webinar and what’s required to make it successful? Of course there is a solution to these questions. There are a couple of solutions that offer the facilities required for a webinar. One of those solutions is Webinar Jam. What is Webinar Jam and is it worth your money? You’ll find out soon! Hurry up and keep on reading 😉

Andy Jenkins - Mike Filsaime

Andy Jenkins – Mike Filsaime

Who or what is behind Webinar Jam?
The creators behind Webinar Jam are Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. We already met this duo during our review of Video Genesis and can vouch for the fact that they know a lot about video marketing. This comes in very handy in the case of webinars, where video plays a central role. Mike Filsaime is known worldwide for the many lectures he gives regarding internet marketing. He is has a lot of knowledge regarding internet marketing strategies and knowns how to sell this knowledge via closed network sessions. Andy Jenkins however is specialized in two areas within internet marketing, namely conversion and social media marketing. The duo seems extremely enthusiastic when appearing in videos and on their sales page. Sometimes this might appear a bit fake, but it also helps to make people more enthusiastic. In any case, they are able to transfer their knowledge successfully and they used all their combined insights to remove the barriers that resided within existing webinar software to create their own software: Webinar Jam.

What promises are made by Webinar Jam
The promises made on the sales pages are very simply and as follows: Webinar eliminates the barriers present in already existing webinar software. Webinar Jam has no limit to the amount of concurrent participants and is easy to use. It’s based on Google Hangouts and because it makes use of the possibilities of Google, it’s always online and performs amazingly. In addition, Webinar Jam has some other features, such as the integration with a large number of email service providers (such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponse and Icontact). You will receive a number of responsive templates that you can edit within the software. You can insert videos of previously recorded webinars, without visitors noticing anything and you have the option to have real time product offers. This means you can sell a product during the webinar and your visitors will see how many items have been sold or how many are still available, in real-time. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also create a payment wall for your webinar, meaning that everyone that wants to visit your webinar will have to pay a certain amount before being allowed to log into your webinar.

Webinar Jam Studio

Webinar Jam Studio

Webinar Jam also has a number of features related to user engagement. For instance, you can send reminders for your webinar and perform segmentation on your mailing list. This means you can move customers that bought something during your webinar to a Buyers Group. Or send a reminder email to customers that only looked at the offer page, with a special reduction to trigger them into buying. When looking at the statements made on the sales page, we come to the conclusion that there is not a lot that’s being promised and is not actually delivered. There are no amounts mentioned that could be earned or saved by this application. There is only a huge list of features and the statement that the package is many times cheaper than the one from the competitors. That last statement might very well be true.

What will you get when you buy Webinar Jam?
When you buy Webinar Jam you get access to the Webinar Jam Studio. This is the actual software used to configure all settings required for your webinars. It’s a program that’s easy to use and that provides you with complete control, before, during and after your webinar. For instance, it’s possible to assign a participant in the chat as a speaker during your webinar, allowing this speaker to use his or her webcam to give a presentation. The list with features is close to endless, therefor we will simply list a couple:

  • Responsive templates and own design
  • Email and message reminders for your webinar
  • Polls and surveys
  • Public and private chat during your webinar
  • Webcam and desktop sharing
  • Automatic webinar recording
  • Exporting participant lists
  • Pushing real-time product offers during your webinar
  • No limit to the amount of possible participants
  • Paid webinars
  • Auto responder integration
  • Exhaustive statistics
  • Target specific emails after a webinar
  • Social media integration
  • Etc.

This piece of software is platform independent and can therefore be used on a Windows PC, Mac or a system running Linux. The package contains everything you need to make your webinar as easy and efficient as possible and ties in to the many different additional tools that could come in handy when marketing a product or training course. The techniques to push sales and all marketing tricks can be employed using Webinar Jam Studio. Of course we also encountered a couple of minor drawbacks when using the software. One of those drawbacks is the delay between you and your participants. This delay can increase up to 30 seconds. As long as you are aware of this issue you can find ways to work around it, but we found it to be pretty annoying at the start. Another strange aspect of the software is that your webinar is posted on Google Hangout and YouTube, as of the moment you start recording. According to Mike and Andy this is linked to the overall use of Google Hangouts and YouTube and can therefore not be turned off. You can however remove webinars from your Hangout and YouTube, directly after the start. It’s a drawback to using Google Hangouts, but what do you like best? A limitless amount of participants for a fixed low price and some minor manual actions to hide your webinar or no minor manual actions and paying a price per participants that is many times higher? We don’t think this is a tough choice 😉

What’s the total price of Webinar Jam?
The total price for Webinar Jam amounts to $397,- per year. This allows for a limitless amount of participants and full access to the sales tools. If you take a look at one of the few competitors (Gotowebinar), you will find a price of $89,- per month. This adds up to a total of $1000,- per year and only allows for a maximum of a 100 participants. In case there are more people that want to participate, you need to pay $299,- per month at Gotowebinar to raise the limit to a 1000 participants. When comparing the cost of Webinar Jam Studio with the costs of its competitors you can see that it’s many times cheaper. This means the cost for Webinar Jam Studio can be rated as great.

What do other people think about Webinar Jam?
We’ve found a number of reviews of Webinar Jam and a large number of user experiences. In general they are praising Webinar Jam and are very positive. Webinar Jam receives a lot of praise for its completeness and the possibility to have a high number of participants without asking for too much money. Just as is the case with the other products created by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, the users seem to be very happy with Webinar Jam Studio. We can’t find any negative reviews nor can we find the words fraud or scam connected to the product on the Internet (not without the actual page being used to debunk said fraud or scam and serving to sing the praise of the product). We can’t really imagine there being any negative review of Webinar Jam Studio, not when it’s clearly so much better than its competitors.

Webinar Jam Studio is an amazing piece of software. It does what it’s supposed to do and goes beyond that. You can use it to service a limitless amount of participants because of the use of Google Hangouts. The features delivered with Webinar Jam Studio are very complete and ensure that you are able to create a webinar for your audience, quickly and with ease. A couple of unfortunate drawbacks that we encountered were the delay during the webinar and the fact that the webinar is posted directly to Google Hangout and YouTube. This means that without taking manual action, your webinar will not be completely invite-only. We feel that these drawbacks become very annoying when you have to deal with them time and time again, so we’ve decided to not award Webinar Jam Studio with the best possible score, but to go one level lower.

We hope this review answered the following questions:

  • Can Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins be trusted or are they scammers?
  • Is Webinar Jam worth your money or is it a scam?
  • What are the experiences with Webinar Jam from Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins?
  • Are there any coupons or reductions for Webinar Jam from Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins?

Do you have any experiences with or questions about Webinar Jam from Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins? Leave a message down below!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Webinar Jam (Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins)

  1. WebinarJam is Brutal

    I would advise anyone against using WebinarJam. We have held a total of 6 webinars. The first two were free ones that we provided for marketing, the last 4 have been for an online curriculum. The software has cut out and stopped working in three of the 6 webinars, with two being in the past three sessions.

    The first collaspe was due to the internet outage on the East Coast, so we were understanding to that one. The second one is because they updated their site with new patches/debugging during the time frame that we were hosting a live webinar. The result was that our entire webinar was shut down and we couldn’t get the connected again. As a result, we had a re-record the initial webinar and waited hours for a response from customer service with an explanation.

    Today, the webinar software collapsed again during a live webinar. All of our participants lost access again and we had to contact support. We told them that we were disappointed and given that the system failed three times within the past 6 webinars offered, we wanted to terminate our contract and a refund.

    The response was a half-way sympathetic apology and no explanation/resolution to the webinar issue was. Furthermore, they noted that despite our recent problems, they only provide a refund for 30-days regardless of quality of service. Our first webinar was on February 21st, so you can see how despite falling barely outside the refund date that we would be dissatisfied.

    The current level of reliability that they are providing is not representative of how our experience was earlier in using their platform. The customer service is poor, the platform is unreliable, and the refund policy is abysmal. Who cares about everything that it “can” do if it continuously fails to provide reliability. My suggestion is use another vendor and stay away from Webinar Jam at all costs-it has cost us too much time and customers at this point.

  2. Did not work and no service

    My business relies on my webinars. Last week the software locked up and stopped working. There was no one to contact and no ability to get any answers. After 30 minutes of searching I found an email address. Their response 24 hours later was that it was because I must have not had a good internet connection (for the first time in 2 years causing my webinar to begin to loop??).

    I tried to get some response and after leaving a 2 star review FINALLY got an email from a manager promising that the issue would be fixed for my Wednesday webinar (and requesting that I then change my review) and that they were going to provide special service to ensure it all worked.

    I never heard back from that manager–and of course, it crashed again.

    I immediately jumped over to move my webinars and did (went to Zoom and very pleased with their service) but when I went to remove my names from Webinarjam (who has not contacted me in over a week now) I found that I cannot access my enrollee information without signing off that they are not liable for any issues whatsoever–but really, what’s new? This has been their operating basis. Will not use them again. Would never recommend them.

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