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Are you someone that often creates videos and spreads them via Facebook? Then you will have probably noticed that it’s difficult to get visitors via your videos, not to mentions leads or even sales. The video players on Facebook are simply not complete enough to get this done or to influence this process. There is however a solution for this problem and that solution is Videoskin. Videoskin is a type of layer that can be applied to your YouTube movie and that allows you to apply an email form or a brand name on top of every movie clip. Once this is done you can post the movie clip on Facebook to increase awareness, leads or sales via the movie you just posted. The benefits of posting will now go to you, instead of the creator of the video. How does this work and what exactly is Videoskin? What can it do for you and is it as good as the retailer claims it is? Read on to find out.

Who or what is behind Videoskin.
The retailer of Videoskin is Wilco de Kreij. He’s a Dutchman that we already know from our Upviral review. Wilco is an experience internet marketer and he knows what he is talking about. This is easy to see when looking at the software that he is developing specifically for internet marketing. In general these are of high quality and receive a lot of praise from all kinds of people that are even remotely involved in internet marketing. He is running everything via his company Emarky and his contact information and support can be easily found on the website. No red flags so far. Very transparent and we think that’s a plus.

Wilco de Kreij

Wilco de Kreij

What promises are made by Videoskin?
There is not a lot of promises made on the sales page that cannot be substantiated. To be fair, the sales page is not very in your face nor very sales-like. The only statement made is that Videoskin is 100% approved according to the Facebook Terms of Service and that you can make unlimited use of the product once purchased. We also find a couple of reactions of beta testers, which are of course positive (they wouldn’t be posted if they were not). As a whole, this is not a sales page including marketing tools, like we are used to seeing, but it’s characteristic for a sales page from Wilco de Kreij. Not a lot of clamor and simply stating the truth. (Dutch pragmatism)

What will you get when you buy Videoskin?
When you buy Videoskin, within a couple of minutes you will receive your login information for the Videoskin member area. In this member area you can create a Videoskin using a couple of simple settings. A Videoskin really is a YouTube movie that you can enhance with a layout in a different format. You can add action buttons, mail forms, logos and even share gates (first share and only then unlocking the option to watch) to your skin. You can even change the skin of the player based on a number of predefined skins. Everything is easy to operate and can be set up with only a couple of clicks. We have to say that it’s all very easy to do. Within a matter of seconds you can create a Videoskin that offers a powerful addition to each movie posted on Facebook. You might think: “What can we use it for?”. That’s actually very simple. Consider building an e-mail list (money is in the list) or burning movies so you can increase the exposure on Facebook. This means that you increase your company’s exposure enormously. More exposure means more potential customers. The software is running on Emarky’s servers, so you do not need to worry about updates or taking care of any hosting in order to spice up your videos.

What’s the total price of Videoskin?
Videoskin can be purchased for $197,- dollar per year. If you calculate it, you realize that you are paying less than 17 dollars per month. These costs can, when Videoskin is properly used, be earned back with ease. Videoskin ensures that you get more leads and brand awareness and that usually costs more than 17 dollars per month to get done. For 17 dollars per month you will get access to the member area with a simply configurator that is being enriched with more and more options. You also don’t have to worry about the hosting of the skins, as this is all included in the price. We think that it’s a great bargain, that can easily be earned back by using the possibilities offered by Videoskin.



What do other people think about Videoskin.
The reactions to Videoskin are pretty much all positive. It’s easy to use and can be deployed quickly. Something that’s really a must nowadays (time is money ;)). The only negative comment that we can see is that Videoskin can only be used with Facebook. Seeing as Facebook is not the only social network where you would want to use this software, we can agree to this comment. The aftersales and the contact with Wilco are seen as very pleasant.

As we are used to from Wilco de Kreij, he has created a great service with Videoskin. The software is easy to use and very quick to deploy. The compatibility with Facebook is great, which leads us to the only problem with Videoskin. It can only be used in conjunction with Facebook. We would have rather seen that the software could be used regardless of the target social media platform. The price and ease of use however make up for most of the inconvenience. Let’s be honest here: Facebook offers a big enough market to have your video go viral and to generate enough leads and traffics via videos combined with Videoskin. The software is not entirely perfect, but we still award it with a Good score.

We hope that this review helped to answer the following questions:

  • Can Wilco de Kreij be trusted or is he a scammer?
  • Is Videoskin worth your money or is it a scam?
  • What are the experiences with Videoskin from Wilco de Kreij?
  • Are there are coupons or reduction for Videoskin from Wilco de Kreij?

Do you have experiences with or questions about Videoskin from Wilco de Kreij? Leave a message down below!

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