Review: Video Genesis (Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime)

Everywhere you go you hear that you should use video to make your website a little more interesting and even more interesting for Google. Not to mention a possible knowledge product that you wish to place, and that uses videos. Then you discover that making videos is not really that easy. How do you put the perfect video together and what does it involve. What are the do’s and don’ts with the making of the one, or the series of videos which will fascinate your clients? Now there is a solution for this in the form of a course. This course is known as Video Genesis and we will review it today. Is Videogenesis worth your money and is it really what it claims to be? Quickly read on and find out for yourself.

Who or what is behind Video Genesis?
The makers of Video Genesis are Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. Mike Filsaime is amongst other known for the many lectures on internet marketing that he has given across the globe. He has tremendous knowledge of internet marketing strategies and knows how to share this with masterminds. Andy Jenkins on the contrary has specialized mainly in conversion and social media marketing within internet marketing. Together they have marketed a few products on internet marketing for Video Genesis. For example, think of Traffic Genesis (how do you generate traffic) and Webminar Jam (software for webminars)). Their characters are real, but appear very American and tell sell. In other words they sometimes express their enthusiasm in ways that for non-Americans may appear unreal.

Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime

Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime

What promises are made by Video Genesis?
The Video Genesis sales page does not make many promises that cannot be fulfilled. It is rumored that you get a complete package with tips and tutorials with Video Genesis with which you can place a professional video and impress your clients. Whether it involves a video in which you sell your own product, or in which you promote a product of another party. No amounts of profits or such stuff is mentioned on the sales page, only a summary of what you will learn during the course Video Genesis. So far nothing that you would have to worry about. Nothing that is promised that in theory appears to be difficult to achieve.

What do you get if you acquire Video Genesis?
When purchasing Video Genesis you get access to several modules that get you completely ready with video format and accompanying texts. This information can be found in your own personal member’s page where everything is neatly arranged.
The modules are as follows:
Production module: This module digs deeper into what hardware and software you should use and what are cheaper or even free alternatives. If you have seen this module you are ready to start.

Video Genesis

Video Genesis

Visual module: In this module Andy and Mike discuss the image quality and sound quality. How can you make this as optimal as possible, so that your video also appears professional. This is the goal after all: creating a professional looking video.
13 styles of video: This third module deals with which type of video you have to use where. You have to use different type of video on your landing page than on your blog page and I am sure you can think of some other examples ;). Mike and Andy tell you why some types of video do and do not work in certain places and what video’s you have to use in certain places.
Hero module: This module teaches you how, without actually selling via your videos, you can still sell an enormous amount of products. Andy and Mike have their Triple T’s for this, and what are these? Trust is one of them. The other you will have to discover yourself in this product!
Eventually you will learn a large number of techniques including lighting (how should it be done and how can one have it look professional with inexpensive materials, recording interviews, giving presentations, giving software demo’s, animation and you name it. In our eyes a proper complete product.

What is the total price of Video Genesis?
The total price of Video Genesis is $247.00 You can also pay in installments, but then it is 3 x $97.00. This works out a little more expensive. The amount might at a first glance look a little high, but if we place this amount next to the theory that you receive, we find this a fine amount. Actually even a little low. The information provided in Video Genesis is very extensive and you can easily spend an entire day on it which generally costs around 500 dollar. That considered the price is very good.

What do others think of Video Genesis?
We found a reasonable amount of reactions and experiences on Video Genesis. If we remove the fake affiliate reviews from here a large number of positive reactions remain on forums and social media. In these reactions we see the following reactions: Well explained, a lot of information and finally a course that deals with everything. We have no other choice but to say that a large number of clients are very satisfied. The negative reactions involve not receiving login information, but this can often be helped by checking the Spam folder of your mail program.

Through all the positive reactions and the large amount of clear information in the product Video Genesis we have no other choice but to say this this is an excellent product. Andy and Mike know exactly what they are talking about and know how to share this program with others. The videos are clear and comprehensible, even for persons who are not skilled in video editing and video mounting. Any beginner can create a video with which the products, your own or that of another, will sell and receive many positive reactions. We feel this is a perfect product for you if you want to learn more about video editing, mounting and recording for a professional sales video or video course.

We hope this review has answered the following questions for you:

  • Can Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime be trusted or are they a scam?
  • Is Video Genesis worth your money, or is it a rip-off?
  • What are people’s experiences with Video Genesis by Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime?
  • Are there any coupons or discounts for Video Genesis by Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime?

Do you have experience with or questions about Video Genesis by Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime? Leave a message below!

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