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The money is in the list. That’s something you often hear when people talk about internet marketing. However, it is not as easy as it seems to get a lot of members registered on your newsletter or mailing list. But now there seems to be a good solution for this: there is a way to add the magical word Viral to your mailing list campaigns and grow your mailing lists like crazy. But…the question remains, what is this program and does it really work? By the way, we’re talking about Upviral by Wilko de Kreij. It is a program that has recently been released, with the accompanying buzz around it.

Who or what is behind Upviral?
The person behind Upviral is Wilco de Kreij. He runs a company named Emarky with accompanying website and is considered an expert in the areas of SEO, marketing, conversion optimization, sales page analytics and affiliate marketing. His LinkedIn profile shows a great number of recommendations and the products he has put on the market in the past are also doing well. He acts under his own name and really seems to know what he is talking about. His products offers exactly what doesn’t exist yet and and what will have a lot of added value for you as an entrepreneur. That all sounds good. A real person, a good track record and practical know-how.

Wilco de Kreij

Wilco de Kreij

What promises does Upviral make?
The Upviral sales page is quite long and presents all the advantages of Upviral. Wilco explains in a video what Upviral could mean for you and that is quite a lot. Upviral ensures that the registrations on your mailing list will grow exponentially, which will create a much wider reach for your mailing lists. This is done using social media, encouraging sharing and optimization and split-testing of the registration and thank you pages. More registrations on your mailing list will provide you with an opportunity to increase sales, but this is not mentioned on the sales page. It only says that you can get more registrations if you use the Upviral tool. This is very good, in our opinion. No false promises that can’t be kept. The principle is simple and effective. You encourage people to earn points by sharing your sales page or getting other people to register. A kind of referral system. They can use the points they collect to gain access to freebies, early bird actions, or win things. Because of the point system, there is a good chance that people will share often, which is how the viral sauce begins to work its magic 😉

What do you get when you buy Upviral?
Upviral is an online system that you get access to. With this tool you can create landing pages for your mailing lists, but that’s not all. You add an extra incentive for your user to share your landing page. Look at it as a kind of referral system, where, for example, by bringing in 5 people (who register on a mailing list), you earn points to gain access to an ebook, video or something else. To get the product for free, you first have to make sure that you get a certain number of people to register after you, or share it on social media and this is made easy for you by social media buttons, which you can click to share instantly.



So, your clients will be sharing your landing page on their social media, in order to gain access to whatever it is you are giving away for free, whether this is an early bird access or a video, or an ebook. Your mailing list will grow exponentially. Of course, you are not complete without an autoresponder, which is also part of it, to give your members extra encouragement to share the landing page and get access to the freebie. This autoresponder has the option to tell your clients exactly how many points they have already earned. This is extra encouragement. Split testing and optimization of your landing and thank you pages are also included in the package. As you can see, it is a super-complete package to get your mailing list to go viral and ultimately to get a lot of registrations.

What is the total price of Upviral?
The price strategy of Uprival consists of 3 parts. The first option is to pay a monthly fee of $37.00 dollars a month, which gives you access to all parts of the software. You can also opt to pay annually, which will give you a big discount. You will pay $197.00 dollars a year, which is a savings of $247.00. If you are more certain of your business or if you really want to take advantage of a great deal on the product, there is also the Lifetime membership. This is $297.00 dollars and gives you access to the complete software and you have access for life; this one takes care of everything in one shot. The prices for the lifetime and the annual memberships are a much better deal, of course, when you see all that you get. If you don’t have that much to spend all at once, the monthly payment option might work better for you. At the time of this writing, the Lifetime offer is still available. Wilco has indicated, however, that he may be throwing out this option after the introduction week. If this option is no longer available when you read this, the annual membership is the best choice.

Upviral Dashboard

Upviral Dashboard

What do others think of Upviral?
If we are to believe the reactions to Upviral, this software is revolutionary. Ever since the first week after it was launched, the positive reactions have been flooding in and we are seeing tons of responses that highly praise this software. That does not surprise us, because the software is revolutionary in every way. We did not find any negative reactions, not even about the price. And that is saying something in the first week of launching.

Wilco has come up with another good product, after his other top software packages and services. The idea behind the social media viral sharing by offering an award for sharing is not new; the extra options for sharing your landing page with people permanently is. We especially like the performance of the software. The software is easy to use and well-organized. If there is something you can’t figure out, you will have a response to your question within 24 hours. The options are infinite, really. You can link up with your extra mailing list providers (many are included by default, but you can also add mailing list providers yourself). A lot of attention was devoted to user-friendliness and the idea behind it. As you may have noticed, we are very excited about this software. We have therefore purchased the Lifetime membership ourselves, so that we will be able to keep using this software in the future. In our eyes, the product should get a score of 11, but we can’t go higher than 10 😉

  • Can Wilco de Kreij be trusted or is he a scam?
  • Is Upviral worth your money, or is it a rip-off?
  • What are people’s experiences with Upviral by Wilco de Kreij?
  • Are there any coupons or discounts for Upviral by Wilco de Kreij?

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