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Have you ever considered how many T-shirts and funny shirts are sold via the internet? Via web-shops, or for example Facebook? If you only knew how much money there is involved you might even start designing T-shirts yourself, but you do not per-se need to do so. You can find ready-made solutions in the form of PLR T-shirt designs, which you can, and may, easily sell under your own name. Teeprofit is a website that offers this through their Tprofits system. What is it, what can you do with it? Read further to find out more.

Brandon Garland

Brandon Garland

Who or what is behind Teeprofit?
One of the creators of Teeprofit is Brandon Garland. He claims to be co-owner, but we cannot find any other party. He is quite active in promoting and designing T-shirts and creating other digital products and claims to be an internet marketer / traveler. He seems to be an honest person (if we are to believe his instagram account). He operates from a company named Bezigns, established in Ohio, America. His company website however is not complete and actually makes no sense. If you see something like that you have to ask yourself if Bezigns should even be taken seriously. For now we will take it as it is.

What promises do Teeprofit make?
The sales page of Teeprofit does not make very many promises regarding the amounts that you can earn. It only speaks of the professionalism of the designs and the convenience of the system. You can download a design and use it to print your T-shirts for your clients within minutes. A T-shirt design is supplied every day, which you can customize using the included designer tool, or can simply use just like that with your campaign. There is primarily a comparison with Fiverr (where you can get a design for 5 dollar), where you do not have a money-back guarantee, and do not get a new design every day for a low price, like Teeprofit. Not very exciting statements, which cannot be fulfilled.

What do you get if you acquire Teeprofit?
If you acquire Teeprofit you get access to a members section. In this members section you can download a new design (almost) every day in PSD (Photoshop) format or PNG, for direct use. To date there are more than 250 designs available and this amount increases daily. The designs are generally funny shirts with fun, catchy texts and logo’s. The T-shirts that you come across everywhere, and are especially sought after by children and students. The designs can be used as is with no label T-shirt printers or sold via T-shirt web-shops where you can have your own designs printed. Obviously you will have to do the marketing of the T-shirts after this yourself, but we also share tips and standard messages for this in the members section. Would you like to create your own design, or amend an existing one, you can do this with an online editor that looks very similar to an online version of Photoshop. You do not have to install anything for this. You can start right away with setting up your T-shirt business.

What is the total price of Teeprofit
The pricing model of Teeprofit has two options. You can do a tryout of 1 dollar for the first month, after which you pay $29.00 per month to receive new T-shirts every day, or you can choose for Lifetime membership for $97.00. If you consider how many T-shirts you can get on Fiver if you pay 5 dollar for every design (like with Fiver), you have already earned your lifetime membership back within one month. Calculate the benefits for yourself 😉

What do others think of Teeprofit
We see very little reviews on Teeprofit on the internet, but there are a number of videos of persons who use Teeprofit well in combination with their Facebook campaigns Considerable amounts are earned, which are also visible on the videos. For instance, we see amounts of around $20 000 dollar in profits (after deducting around $10 000 in advertising costs). Therefore it seems that Teeprofit can be perfectly used to start a T-shirt business, and if we were to believe others, you can also make some serious profits with it.



Teeprofit is fun way to quickly collect T-shirt designs and sell these via other channels like Facebook. Naturally the option of a new design every day is ideal. Although the T-shirt designs are focused mainly at the American market we find this a fantastic opportunity to start a fun business. Through advertising channels like Facebook you can obviously segment and market your T-shirts that you design via Teeprofit, or by yourself via the designer, in any market that you can think of. The find the price for the whole package (which is ever increasing) with T-shirt designs great. We find the best option the Lifetime membership, with the best price-quality ratio.

We hope this review has answered the following questions for you:

  • Can Brandon Garland be trusted or is it a scam?
  • Is Teeprofit worth your money, or is it a rip-off?
  • What are people’s experiences with Teeprofit by Brandon Garland?
  • Are there any coupons or discounts for Teeprofit by Brandon Garland?

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