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Does it tire you out having to post your content to all the social media platforms you can find? If this sounds familiar, you are well aware of the enormous time commitment associated with sharing and posting your content on social platforms and sharing sites, simply to be able to create links to your content. Content is King (it still is), but without links to your content, your content won’t be quite such a King ;). However, a solution is available in the form of SociSynd. This service claims to automatically distribute your content and campaigns across thousands of authority websites like Reddit and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but can it really live up to these claims? We are going to find out in this SociSynd review.

Who or what is behind SociSynd?
Abbas Ravji is the creator of SociSynd. When we perform a search on his name, we find him on various platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as his own website. He appears to be an internet marketer, or, in his own words, SEO and Traffic Generation Software Developer and Social Media Specialist from Peterborough England. His own website is still updated with internet marketing and SEO messages. He seems to have been involved in Internet Marketing for quite some time and knows what he is talking about. The messages which he shares, free of charge, are valuable and could help you with your internet marketing and SEO strategy. We notice that he responds relatively fast when it comes to support for the software, and we certainly like that.

Abbas Ravji

Abbas Ravji

What does SociSynd claim to be able to do?
A few promises are made on SociSynd’s sales page. Your content will apparently be posted to thousands of websites; authority websites and social media websites, and by using SociSynd the number of visitors to your website will increase. Also, the method employed by SociSynd is apparently not penalised by Google Panda or Penguin. In our opinion, the latter is a bit of a loose cannon. SociSynd also seems to have a method in place with which keyword searches are performed in Google and by which your links are automatically clicked within the results. The principle behind this is that Google will deem your website more important in terms of a specific keyword. This naturally sounds dandy, but how does it actually work? We will have a quick look at this :).

What do you get when you purchase SociSynd?
When you purchase SociSynd you get access to a member area. In this member area you can add social media accounts, and this actually forms the heart of SociSynd. All those with access can add social media accounts and in so doing get access to all social media accounts of the relevant network which they are signed into. For example: I add account information for Facebook and in so doing get access to all Facebook accounts added in the system. The idea is similar to one hand washing the other. Can I then immediately post my content and like it via these accounts? No, unfortunately that is not how it works. You create campaigns within SociSynd and install a little program which operates in the system tray (Windows only). Below the surface a waiting list is generated, of articles to be shared and posts to be liked. The program then ensures that this list is worked through via your account. On the other hand, many other users also have that same little program running and also share and like your campaigns, etc. It is a large army that gives your posts social strength and in so doing generates links for your content. In exchange you do the same for others. The rest is automated.



If you have a PRO account, this is only done with Google search results. The program then searches for keywords and the links which should score well for these keywords are then clicked. SociSynd herewith tries to make sure that your rankings in Google go up on all fronts. This happens because of click-throughs on SERPs and the large number of social links and likes that are added to various valid social media accounts.
This way it is easy to live up to the promise that the Google Update is safe. They are all valid social media accounts from different IP addresses. However, there is a chance that your social media accounts could get blocked by the social network, and that you will then lose the links to your account. After all, it is still a form of content spam on social media. The chance is high that these accounts will not have many followers, because interesting content is not shared directly.
The content that is shared could be made up of self-created text, an empty RSS feed, or a URL from which data is retrieved. The content can cope with a spinning syntax, if used properly, which can provide unique content.
At first glance SociSynd comes across as a very powerful tool, but we still have our doubts about the spam label which we are compelled to place it under. After all, you also depend on communication created and posted by others, which could be less professional and could score high on social network SPAM radars. This increases the chances of an account ban, in turn increasing the risks.
Also, the pool of IP addresses and social media accounts remains very small, which will result in the formation of a specific pattern. If there is one lord and master when it comes to discovering patterns in spam behaviour, then it is certainly our friend, or enemy, Google, which in the end involves the rankings.

What is the total price for SociSynd?
SociSynd is available in two flavours: a lite account and a pro account. The lite account costs $27 per month and is limited to 4 active campaigns running simultaneously. Each campaign can consist of 4 posts that are shared, but you cannot add your own articles and don’t have access to the Google search and click functionality or the Bounce Rate Reducer (the minor application draws visitors who stay on your website for long periods of time, resulting in a lower bounce rate on average).

Campaign overview

Campaign overview

This will be included if you purchase the Pro account. There are two possibilities for the Pro account: a monthly fee of $37 or an annual fee of $197. The prices cannot really be considered extremely high. Of course, for just a little bit more per month, the Pro account is certainly the better option. Unfortunately we don’t have any data with respect to competitor pricing. We have not yet come across any software or service offering the same possibilities.

However, the cost of purchase alone will not get you settled yet. You still need to purchase a Captcha service, which will allow you to get around a type of Anti Bot security measure. Also, if you plan on using your own articles in the Pro version, you will need an extra tool, namely The Best Spinner. This ensures that your articles can be spinned easily, and more importantly, created fast. Do you already have this software? Then that’s settled. However, if you do not yet have The Best Spinner, you will still need to purchase it. A last note is obviously the remark regarding time. SociSynd supports 30 social media networks, but if you must create an account for all these networks, you will have spent almost a full day simply creating accounts. On the other hand, you will have actually gained much by spending this time if, in the end, you have arrived at the posting and liking. This is ultimately made easier with SociSynd. We do have to take on a rather neutral opinion in terms of the pricing.

What do others think of SociSynd?
We have come across several SociSynd reviews online, and the opinions are highly divided. We notice some positive responses and the results speak for themselves, but we also see results from people who claim that SociSynd has absolutely no influence on their rankings. These rankings apparently showed no improvement over a 30-day period. SociSynd’s member area is not perceived as particularly user-friendly and we have to agree. SociSynd could also benefit from some fine-tuning to make it more intuitive. When we weigh up the positive and negative responses, we do end up slightly higher on the positive side. Unfortunately the difference is slight.

The idea behind SociSynd is that every member will do their part and together you will boost your rankings and that of the others. We really like this idea, but it does not seem to work all that well in actual practice. The pool of users is small and therefore the accounts that post and like the information are flagged as SPAM accounts relatively quickly. Abbas Ravji states that SociSynd is safe when it comes to Google updates, but unfortunately it is not safe for the social networks themselves. These social media accounts which only post spam are flagged and the social networks notice a pattern forming from the same IP addresses which always like posts from the same accounts. It is all a little too obvious. In addition, you also have very little influence on what others post, and these posts then end up being posted by your account. In our opinion this software is still too immature and too black hat to really help one achieve a good score.

We hope this review answered the following questions:

  • Is Abbas Ravji a trustworthy person or is he a scammer?
  • Is SociSynd worth the money, or is it a scam?
  • How have people experienced SociSynd from Abbas Ravji?
  • Are any coupons or discounts available for SociSynd from Abbas Ravji?

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