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Do you want to earn money fast, with a website that has thousands of pages that are no. 1 on Google? That would probably be a lot of work, wouldn’t it? First of all, you need to have your own website (that’s easy), but then what? You have to come up with content for all those pages and, of course, you will need to have unique topics and keywords for all those thousands of pages. How much time do you think it would cost you just to create one page? Maybe a few hours? So, thousands of pages with unique content would take at least a year. Where would you find that kind of time? Well, maybe there is a solution for you. Everyone knows you can potentially earn a lot of money if you’re on the first page on Google, but how do you get there? Maybe with Serplify. Serplify is a program, or rather, a kind of plugin for WordPress, which you can use to create thousands of local pages with unique content within a few seconds. Is the product really as good as its creators want you to believe? Or is it just another scam? We are going to find out in this review. Read on!

Who or what is behind Serplify Pro?
The team behind Serplify Pro consists of several people, three to be exact: John Gibb, Mo Miah and Joshua Zamora. If we closely examine these individuals, we can see that…Mo Miah is from the United Kingdom and is well-known for other products that can get your websites ranked on Google in a sort of black hat way; for example, InstaNiche, Video Wave and eCom Empire. So, he seems to have some experience with methods that can get you to the top of Google (but not to stay there). We found out about Joshua Zamora that he is from Miami and is a copywriter (at least he claims he is) and the owner of the weblog Zamuraiblogger. The last post on the weblog was sometime in 2015. We also found a few videos where he does reviews of his own products, like Serplify. Very credible, if you ask us: creating a review of your own product. According to his Linkedin profile, he enjoys convincing people to spend money on software, regardless of the quality of the software. To put a negative spin on that: he likes to trick people out of their money. That sounds good ;). We couldn’t find much information about the third member of the trio. No Linkedin profile or any other traceable information. So, it seems this person is using a pseudonym. These guys all have experience with internet marketing and know like no other how to create and promote products that you can make loads of money on. And that is the problem. They know how to make it look better than it is. In any case, there is no professional company behind Serplify and the Disclaimer, Terms of Service and Privacy statement don’t seem to exist. As a Serplify consumer and buyer, don’t bother to come to any of these men to claim any rights.

Mo Miah, Joshua Zamora and John Gibb

Mo Miah, Joshua Zamora and John Gibb

What promises are made by Serpifly Pro?
On the sales page there are a number of claims about the many things the Serplify software can do for you. There is a sentimental story about cracking Google and that these creators of Serplify finally found a way to get to the top of Google search results without much effort. Those are local search results. See it as a search term with the name of a city after it. They have automated the system for creating these keywords and the content for these unique pages, which will put you in the no. 1 spot on Google within a few hours. What would normally take you hundreds of hours is accomplished within a few minutes by Serplify. Hundreds of pages of content focused specifically on local search words. You can then sell these pages, or rent out some of them to local businesses. The pages are optimized for Google, so it is extra easy for them to rank. They even mention amounts of money you can possibly make. These amounts vary between $398 and $ 998 a day. They show screenshots on which it is unclear where the payments are coming from and, of course, this is all very easy to manipulate with Photoshop ;). It all sounds good, but it turns out to be quite different in practice. Yes, you can have content pages in just a few minutes, which can briefly be found on Google search results. But that is when the trouble really starts.

What do you get when you buy Serplfy?
After you purchase Serplify, you get access to App (the members’ section), which is really the heart of Serplify. In this app, you can add your websites, which you can then link through a WordPress plugin (which you can also buy). You guessed it: you have to create the websites you want to fill yourself first and then you need to install WordPress on them and, of course, a correct theme. Without your own WordPress websites and hosting, there is not much you can do with the Serplify App and WordPress plugin. If you do have all that, it is pretty easy to use. You add your websites on Serplify and select a number of keywords for each website, which you want to rank (and for which Serplify has to create content). Serplify then generates a big list of keywords, combined with the names of cities that are close to a specific geolocation. Currently, this is only possible in the US and in the UK. Next, a large number of content pages are generated for each keyword, which are unique by means of content spinning. The sentences on these pages are grammatically not the greatest, but that is the risk you take with content spinning. These pages are then placed on your websites via the WordPress plugin. This is how you get a huge number of pages, focused on keywords, combined with the name of a city, with just a few clicks. Here’s an example: Serplify turns “borrowing money safely” into “borrowing money safely New York” and “borrowing money safely in Boston”. Depending on the geolocation you provide, keywords will be generated for all well-known cities in the vicinity and content pages based on those keywords are created on your website. The ultimate goal of these pages is that you will start to sell advertising space to local businesses, or even to sell the entire website, with the argument that the page is ranked no. 1 on Google, for that city and the keyword that is of interest to the business. The second option is to make money through Google’s advertising network AdWords. Every page may get a few visitors and many small ones make one big one. For this option (earning money and recouping the costs for Serplify), Serplify does not offer any support.



Serplify only makes sure that the lists of local keywords are generated and that unique content is created for those keyword combinations. Serplify then places those on your website and makes sure that these pages are optimized in terms of SEO. For example, images and videos in the content. Although, these images and videos are not necessarily relevant, in the eyes of Serplify, they enable Google to find the pages more easily than the rest and to rank them no. 1. Serplify is easy to use and within a few minutes you will have an enormous amount of local content, but, unfortunately, the content has poor sentence structure and it often appears as a piece of text that is put together expressly for search engine results. The problem with this is that the algorithm that Google uses will quickly recognize this flow of “fake” pages and throw it out of the index, effectively getting rid of potential income for you at the same time.

What is the total price of Serplify Pro?
At the time this review is being written, there are two options for buying Serplify. The first one is the Lite version at $47.00. This version has a number of limitations, such as, for example, a maximum of 3 websites, maximum of 3 projects per website and for this version, the localization is possible only for the USA. This version also has no content scheduling, where you can add content at set times and you cannot share content between websites (as if you would want to, with respect to unique content). The second option is the PRO version. This version is only $10.00 more: $57.00. With this version, you can create more websites (100) and more projects (250). You can also include Canada as a localization and you can use content scheduling and syndication. For the extra $10, the PRO version seems like the better choice, because you will not even get close to the limit. If you get to the limit of the PRO version, you will be a busy bee. The price of the software would seem like a good deal to us if the chance of ever recouping this investment was not so small. It is a one-time price, so you won’t be stuck with a subscription you have to pay every month for using the software.

Serplify Dashboard

Serplify Dashboard

What do other people think of Serplify Pro?
We were able to find many reviews about Serplify that were very positive. However, they look like reviews by users when there were only 5 users and the method they used still worked. The most recent stories we found were not so positive and they were by actual users. Websites that are created with Serplify are completely removed from Google search results after a month or two and the Google AdWords accounts are even banned. The pages that are created also do not seem to sell to the local center position. They don’t care about a bad page or a number 1 spot in the search results. So, it seems that all the earning models that are promoted by Serplify, which would help you recoup the price you paid for Serplify, cannot be maintained for long and will not benefit your reliability as a seller of these websites.

Serplify is without a doubt a powerful tool to quickly create content pages on a website and to localize them. But, you need more than that. You will have to actively approach local companies to sell your websites or sell advertising space on your pages. The pages and websites are generated with just a few clicks and are optimized for Google. We can almost say over-optimized. This is why the pages and websites that are generated with Serplify are not really suitable for the future. There are plenty of articles about Google bans now and Google seems to have already figured out Serplify’s method. There is a very good chance that your pages will be at around 100 instead of at the top, after about 3 months and that the Google AdWords accounts you use will be blocked. Because of this, there is no certainty that you will be able to sell the pages, even though that is what Serplify says is the greatest income source for you. The fact that the localization only includes the UK and the US is also a drawback. Ultimately, we cannot give this product a high score, because you can only use it for a short period and the promises cannot be fulfilled.

We hope this review has answered the following questions for you:

  • Can John Gibb, Mo Miah and Joshua Zamora be trusted or are they a scam?
  • Is Serplify worth your money, or is it a rip-off?
  • What are people’s experiences with Serplify by John Gibb, Mo Miah and Joshua Zamora?
  • Are there any coupons or discounts for Serplify by John Gibb, Mo Miah and Joshua Zamora?

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