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Are you planning to create an international website and do you not have such a great talent for languages ​​yourself or do you simply not have the time to translate the texts you write? There are solutions to be found in translation agencies or freelancers. Unfortunately, these are often expensive and in the end you pay 11 cents per word for a text to be translated. After a few days or sometimes weeks you finally have your translated texts. Waiting for a great translation can be quite a frustration, because let’s be honest: you just want to keep going! I had the same problem for this website, among others. I didn’t feel like translating my web texts and still wanted to give this website an international touch.

I have tried many ways and ways to get my texts translated for a good price.

Have texts translated via Fiverr
I had texts translated via Fiverr. This went well a few times, but there were often delays in the translations, the translation was not of very good quality and sometimes I even encountered my translated text in other places on the internet! The low price that you often pay for at Fiverr is also not the final price you have to pay. You will be enticed with a price for a small job and in the end you will still spend around $100,- for translating a text of 1500 words. The translations are often delivered after a week or even longer. In addition, you often spend a day looking for a good translator, which ultimately costs you even more money, because time is money.

Translations via Freelancers
The next attempt was translation via freelancers. There are several places to find freelancers such as odesk, and The search for a good affordable translator takes some time and often the costs per word are exclusive VAT. In the end you have a translation that is relatively good, but it often takes a while. You may indeed find a good translator who provides the translation within a day, but these are unfortunately scarce, because they are all busy. Waiting a week for your translation is not very strange, and that for the price of often 11 cents per word.

Translations via One Hour Translation
The translation via One Hour Translation was a relief. You know in advance the price you pay per word. The price differs per language combination and of course for the purpose of the text. For example, legal texts are a bit more expensive, because they have to be set up differently. After choosing the language combination, you upload your text, for example, in a Word document and you see the total price. The total price can be slightly increased if you opt for a proof read (yes they also offer this service). Then you pay and a day later (often even the same day) you receive your translation. You communicate directly with the translator who received the text as a translation assignment. In fact, I once had a consistent mistake throughout my document. The translator’s comment was: I have corrected the error and also adjusted it in your regular Dutch text. Attached are the English and Dutch documents. And all for 8 cents a word. No searching, fast translation and good service for a good price. I liked that!

How does One Hour translation work?
One hour translation is a website where you can have texts translated. The “one hour” in the name gives the impression that your translation will be in an hour, but unfortunately that is not the case. However, they are super fast. The translations are available within 24 hours and often even within 12 hours. Your texts are translated by one of the thousands of translators into the language you want. At the time of writing, more than 75 languages ​​and 2500 language combinations are supported. You probably won’t need all of those languages, but the point is, you don’t have to search for a specific translator. probably already has the translator in his portfolio. That will quickly save you a few hours.

In order to guarantee the quality of the translators and to encourage them to provide good translations, translators who receive good scores for their translations get assignments. The better you are as a translator, the more work you will receive from one hour translation. With this setup you are guaranteed a good translation of your texts.

Expert levels

Expert levels

The convenience of one hour translation is one of the advantages of this service over other translation services. If you want to have a text translated, select the source language and the target language and then upload the file you want to see translated. I am talking about “file” and not specifically about document. One hour translation offers the possibility of a great diversity to provide documents (from excel to pdf and word and much more) also graphic files or even resource files (which ensure translation in programs). If you don’t want to upload a file, you can also simply paste the text into your browser.
After submitting the text to be translated, one-hour translation automatically counts the number of words and gives you a quotation based on the number of words and the language combination you have chosen.

Would you like to add additional information for the translator, such as a specific comment about the desired writing style? No problem! You will be given this option when creating the assignment.

After paying for the assignment, you will be assigned a translator who will translate your text. You can see all the details about the project via the project page of your requested translation. This way you can quickly see who is translating your text and what their score and background are. If you would like to contact the translator in the meantime, you can do so via the project page. When the translation is delivered, you can download the translated files from this same project page. Any additional questions from the translator are visible through this project page.

Upload a file

Upload a file

You will be informed of the progress throughout the entire process of your translation assignment. You will receive a number of e-mails with information from your order to delivery. So you don’t have to keep an eye on your project page!

After the delivery of your translation, you are expected to give the translator a score based on the delivered translation. If you are really satisfied with the translator, you can choose to add the translator to your own team. This is a pool of translators that you create as a default for your translations. This way you can be sure that you get the same writing styles every time. However, the latter option will cost you $150,- dollar a month, so I expect that it will only be suitable for huge translation jobs, or even translation agencies that use One Hour Translation under the radar.

What is the total price of One Hour Translation
The prices of one hour translation start at $ 0.084 a word, which is slightly under 8.5 cents a word and depends on the language combination you need. For example, English Dutch is available at 8,5 cents, but if you want from English to Chinese, the price will be slightly higher. The type of document you want to have translated can also influence the price (and of course also the translator who gets the assignment). For example, a medical document or a contract is slightly more expensive, because someone with a different skillset has to do the translation. If you ultimately want a proof-read on the translated text, so that it is checked again, the price will be slightly higher. Most of the times all this is not applicable and you get a translated text for a perfect price, but if you still need a medical text or a contract, or you want to make sure that someone checks the text again, at least you have this option.

What do others think of One hour translation
We see some reviews on the internet about one hour translation. Most of them are positive and mention cheap translations, good quality of the translations and the speed of the translations as advantages. Most of the reviews we find are positive. We see one review claiming that one hour translation is a scam, but we actually see this review cut and pasted everywhere. It seems like this person feels quite ripped off and is doing everything he or she can to notify the entire internet about it. When we see a substantiated lesser experience, we also see a response from the owner of one hour translation indicating they got their money back. So if there are negative reactions, it seems to be neatly resolved via one hour translation.

Starting a translation project via One hour translation is extremely easy, the possibilities for files, types of translations and languages ​​are very large and everything is done to keep the quality as high as possible. That is why I have been choosing this service for quite some time now to translate my web texts. Within a day I often have my texts translated and the pieces that are fairly specific to the subject of the tekst are translated well. So are you also looking for a translation of, for example, an entire website, or just a few documents? Then one hour translation is a great service for you!

We hope this review gave you the answers to the following questions:

  • Can One hour translation be trusted or is it a scam?
  • Is One hour translation worth your money, or is it a scam?
  • What are the experiences with One hour translation?

Do you have any experience with one hour translation? Leave a comment!

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  1. Great service!

    I tried one hour translation a few days ago and it’s true. Great quality, price and speed. Used Fiverr before, but it doesn’t match up with the quality of one hour translation.
    Great review btw! It helped me a lot!

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  2. One hor translation is a great company. Transparant and they try to get the best translators for the job for you. Until now i’ve had no complaints at all!

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