Review: List Spark (Emilis Strimaitis – Emka)

Would you like to earn a lot of money? Then List spark is something for you! If you are to believe the mails that is an approximate summary of List Spark, but what exactly is it? The sales page does not really provide a lot of information, except that we should leave our email address. Is List Spark useful for you and can you earn, as they say, real money? We will see in this review of List Spark.

Who or what is behind List Spark?
The creator of List Spark is Emilis Strimaitis and often refers to himself in his sales videos as Emka. He is very active on the internet in the field of solutions where money can be earned and is an active uses of the Warrior forum and also seller on Jvzoo. He has a large number of products in the Internet Marketing sector in his portfolio. From list building software to systems where you can buy and sell solo-ads. What is striking is that most of the systems are reasonably connected and often promoted within this web of Emka systems. This does not have to be bad, but we would rather have good products recommended.

Emilis Strimaitis - Emka

Emilis Strimaitis – Emka

What promises does List Spark make?
The promise made on the sales page, which by the way is a very long and boring video, is that the entire List Spark system is free. And that you can earn quite a lot of money with is since there is a viral technique in it. Unfortunately the truth is a little less moonshine and roses, and you get very little to nothing out of the free features of the system. Let alone that you earn any money from it. However, if you are a paying member, then you get benefits from the software and information provided by Emka. Then you can also actually earn some money from this method.

What do you get if you purchase List Spark?
If you purchase the pro-version of List Spark you will get access to the members section. The members section contains several modules which helps you promote List spark (yes that is how it goes in a pyramid scheme).
Module 1: The first module is an introduction module wherein several questions will be answered, like: What is List spark and what can you do with it? What is the viral system behind List spark? (unfortunately that is you)
Module 2: In this Module you learn how you can setup an auto-responder and how you can send potential clients for List Spark an automatic mail sequence so they can register under you.
Module 3: Module 3 is aimed especially at paid traffic. Traffic to your websites linked to your auto-responders. To acquire traffic another Emka system is obviously suggested so that it can earn even more from you ;). It takes good care of its own systems.
Module 4: Module 4 handles free traffic. These videos are handy, but the information is very obvious.
Module 5: In this module squeeze pages are interpreted. How do you get people on your mailing list as quickly as possible with an as simple as possible website.
The videos of Emka are available in English and even though it is not his mother language, they are easy to follow. All modules were however created to in the first place get started with promoting List Spark as quickly as possible. You can also do this partially with a free account, but then you will not earn anything from it. The income that you would earn with a PRO account then simply flow through to the first PRO member above you in the tree. In follow-up steps you as PRO member can also promote other affiliate products, but for this you have to first acquire 5 members. Everything smacks of a Pyramid scheme.

List Sparm member area

List Sparm member area

What is the total price of List Spark?
The price of List spark is, as Emka would like you to believe in his sales video, not 0 dollar. He often uses the Free word, but in fact you cannot use the system as a free user. You can build up a list and watch some videos, but you miss a large part of the system, like earning money with new (paying) members that you acquire. If you step over to the paid version you pay $19.00 per month. This gets you loads of tools and information, but they are more than 60% driven by you maintaining the List Spark system by acquiring new members.

What do others think of List Spark?
We found various opinions and experiences concerning List Spark on the internet. The negative reactions are especially due to the fact that it is a type of disguised pyramid scheme and that you can never earn any money with the system without paying. The fact that you as free member transfer all your benefits to the first paying member above you also plays a role. You are, let’s say, bitten in the ass. We also see stories of uses who in the first week earned $50.00 in their accounts. What is striking is that it is users who started in the beginning (guaranteed success with a pyramid scheme). The reactions to the content of the videos that you get for free are moderate.

Although, at first glance, they create the impression that it is free, you can only use some videos available in the free version. Unfortunately you can earn hardly anything with your mailing list and the first person above you with a paying account receives all benefits that you had to work for. However, if you take a paid version (pro account) you make yourself a member of a disguised pyramid scheme. You have to acquire 5 members yourself who also have to acquire 5 members, and who should preferably also take pro, if they want to be paid for any action within the system. In other words, you spend money to then convince others to participate. Once you have done this you can use Landing pages, opt in lists and anything to do with e-mail marketing and even promote other affiliate products via these lists. There is the potential to earn money, but the risk of the viral part of List Sparks is that you are getting in too late. When this article was written List Spark already had 40 000 members, which are all also recruiting. Whether the viral part is still working is something we are not sure of. The information shared by Emka is relatively valuable, because it is compacted, but its main purpose is to acquire as many as possible members for List Spark. We feel there are more honest and easier ways to earn money, which are not as unstable as List Spark. We do not recommend the product.

We hope this review has answered the following questions for you:

  • Can Emilis Strimaitis be trusted or is he a scam?
  • Is List Spark worth your money, or is it a rip-off?
  • What are people’s experiences with List Spark by Emilis Strimaitis?
  • Are there any coupons or discounts for List Spark by Emilis Strimaitis?

Do you have experience with or questions about List Spark by Emilis Strimaitis? Leave a message below!

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