Review: Google Sniper 3.0 (George Brown)

A product that has had a relatively good reputation on click bank for a while is Google Sniper. We found reactions in combination with Scam and rip-offs everywhere, so we were wondering if the Google Sniper product was actually also good quality. The name in any case is somewhat mysterious, what exactly is a Google Sniper? How does it work? Can you really earn money as the maker of the product claims on his sales page?

Who or what is behind Google Sniper
The man behind Google Sniper is George Brown. He has loads of experience in the field of internet marketing and this is especially due to his product Google Sniper (there are now a few versions of this in the form of improvements). He is a reasonably young person who has already earned quite a bit of money with internet marketing. If we have to guess this will probably be because Google Sniper has been at number 1 in the Click bank marketplace for quite some time. George brown also has a personal blog where shares tips on marketing and shows off a little with all the money that he has earned.

George Brown

George Brown

What promises are made by Google Sniper
George Brown has quite a long sales video, and if you watch this completely to the end you will hear the following. George Brown’s life story, with which he tries to bond with you. The well-known tale of “having tried everything”, “Cost a lot of money” and finally he has the solution for you that he has a system that he also uses and that works. It’s all about how you can earn a lot of money by working hard and applying his methods and finally your income will grow per project that you start up (and where in time you will not have to make an effort any more). He shares amounts that he earns and he finds it logical that one would also purchase his method for a small amount, so that everyone can use it. The sales video is well made, but George Brown does not make any actual claims. He does not say how much you can earn, only that with your input and his method you can earn a serious amount of money. Not really anything wrong with this.

What do you get if you purchase Google Sniper?
If you purchase Google Sniper you will get access to 32 videos and an e-book in PDF format. These video’s and the e-book explain how you create the supposed Sniper websites. These Sniper websites can be setup quickly and rank quite high in Google. On this page you will promote digital products that will ensure your income flow. The principle is to setup a decent number of these small Sniper websites that each generate about $ 50.00 per week in an as short as possible time. Setting up such a website will take maximum one day’s work, in other words if you pull your weight you can see that the potency behind this is pretty high. In the course Google Sniper 3.0, amongst other things, you learn to set up a Sniper website. Optimizing the Sniper website. Increasing the conversion and obviously optimizing your SEO rankings. If you then also take out a monthly subscription to Google Sniper X, you will receive the latest insights into the area of SEO and promotion every month, allowing you to ensure that your Sniper sites are long-term money machines.
The quality of the e-book and the video is fantastic. The information provided is sometimes a little obvious, but there are also actually innovative stories in the Google Sniper X program. With only Google Sniper 3.0 you can already make quite some headway with this relatively simple method.

What is the total price of Google Sniper
The total price of Google Sniper depends a little on what you want. The standard package with 25 training videos and a Google Sniper e-book costs only $47.00 dollar. We feel this is quite cheap, but we also understand why it has such a low instep. If you see that it works you want more information about George Brown, and this is also possible. You can subscribe to Google Sniper X, which gives you access to extra training material. This training material is extended monthly and the price for Google Sniper X is also $47.00, but per month. For $47.00 you have a good deal and if you want more you can make it as expensive as you like. We are however convinced that you can earn more with Google Sniper 3.0 and Google Sniper X than the $47.00 that it costs.

Google Sniper

Google Sniper

What do others think of Google Sniper
We see quite a few reviews if we Google Google Sniper and the opinions are varied. The opinions can be divided in two camps. The persons who only read the information and does nothing further with it and the persons who actually take the steps to implement the information given in Google Sniper. The first group doesn’t fully agree with George Brown and believes it to be a scam and a rip-off. Mainly because they find George’s claims nonsense. They even know better what Google does and does not do (or so they think). In the real world nobody really knows exactly what Google does and how exactly it works, so this assumption we find a little strange. The other group that has actually implemented the theory in the practice says that the system actually really works. We also see reports from websites who after more than a year (without amendments and therefore working) still make an average of 40 to 100 dollar per week. Many internet marketers and also non-internet marketers cannot even dream of this. In general we can say that the actual users of the Google Sniper product would be content with the Google Sniper product and the expertise of George Brown.

Although there is quite a bit of negative slogans on the internet, we find this pretty much unfounded. We see the positive experiences with actual achieved results and these are not often wrong. If we look at the method it is relatively simple and easy to use. Even if you do not have a lot of experience with the internet and internet marketing. Everything is explained well, although there is sometimes some structure lacking. For $47.00 for the Google Sniper 3.0 and $47.00 per month for Google Sniper X with the monthly updates we find it, in its totality, a fantastic product. We believe you will have earned your investment back in no time.

We hope this review has answered the following questions for you:

  • Can George Brown be trusted or is he a scam?
  • Is Google Sniper 3.0 worth your money, or is it a rip-off?
  • What are people’s experiences with Take Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown?
  • Are there any coupons or discounts for Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown?

Do you have experience with or questions about Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown? Leave a message below!

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