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Do you ever have those days when everything goes wrong? Your wife leaves you, your children don’t want to see you anymore, you are drinking and you’re out of booze. Just to name a few things. Imagine your whole life looking like this. Bad job, relationship finished and there is no sign of anything beautiful. Our dear friend Marcus claims he’s been through the same. His life was not really going well, to say the least. Until he discovered something in his life, a miracle called the God Frequency. This is a frequency that you have to listen to for 15 minutes a day. After that all the blessings of God will come to you. Your life will be great again and all hopelessness will disappear like snow in the sun. Can the God frequency can help you too? You will find out today. Read on quick!

Who or what is behind the God Frequency
The seller of the God Frequency is a certain Marcus. He went into business with one Jacob (both biblical names). The first is a worker, so a working class hero, and the second is an outcast priest. Outcast? Yes, he says he was cast out because he saw the secret of Jesus and insisted on revealing it. The church was against this and one thing led to another. We cannot find any surnames or any further information or even company information of the creators of the God Frequency.

God frequency

God frequency

The owner of the website domain is protected and further searches for the persons behind the God Frequency are void. It seems that these two persons were created to persuade you to purchase the God Frequency. Transparency is hard to find, which is strange in itself. If someone invented or discovered something like the God Frequency, there must be more to be found from other sources. Whether that is bad? Draw your own conclusions.

What promises are made with the God Frequency
When you see the sales video, or read the transcript of the video, you should have noticed that there is quite a sentimental story being told. Marcus whose life has completely collapsed. He has a bad job. His wife left him. His children don’t want to see him anymore. Everything is not really working out. One day he had enough. He has already tried everything, but nothing with success. He decides to end his life. He is too early at the hardware store for the rope to hang himself and decides to have a cup of coffee in the adjacent coffee shop. There he meets Jacob. A disowned priest and from this disowned priest he learns the secret of the God Frequency. This God Frequency is one of Jesus’ best kept secrets. The church does not want this secret to come out and Jacob and the Vatican have a little disagreement. The Vatican does not want the secret to be revealed. The God Frequency is kind of a beat, at least it sounds like a beat, with which both parts, left and right, of the brain start running in sync. Another word for this beat is a Binaural wave. When your brain is in sync, you are ready to receive the miracles and blessings¬† of God. Everything in your life then comes to you in one way or another as a miracle from God. By listening to this God Frequency for 15 minutes a day, your brain is in sync and you are ready to receive God’s blessings. It’s that simple.
Whether it was a secret of Jesus? We are not sure yet. In any case, we know that with these alpha or theta waves, as they are also called, you simply calm your head. They have been scientifically proven to help calm down, concentrate and maintain focus. Once you are calmer in your head and there is no chaos and panic in your head, you will be able to resolve and handle other issues better. And after that all the miracles of God come to you and your life gets better? That depends on your faith. One calls it happiness, the other an intervention of God. That is a completely different discussion. The promises that are made further down the sales page is that after listening to the God Frequency for 15 minutes a day, you will become happier and that your life will automatically go in the right direction. Without action, no response, but in hour opinion listening to a sound that calms you for 15 minutes does not seem to us to be really action enough to change your life for 100%.

What do you get when you purchase the God Frequency?
You’ll get access to two MP3 files. The first is the God Frequency. When you put it on it sounds a bit like a beat or noise with some additional sounds like flowing water and other nature sounds. That’s all.
The second is the Love Frequency. In addition to the noise, the Love Frequency contains a different kind of sounds from nature. This should be the solution to improve your relationships with everyone. Your broken relationship is going to be okay again and your relationship with your children will be fixed.

Love frequency

Love frequency

You open up to others and become less afraid to show your feelings. Ultimately, all of this results in your relationships getting better. It seems like a fairly complete package mainly because it is hinted that it is a special frequency developed together with a sound engineer who worked with “famous scientists”. However, no patent has been applied for, so that makes the case less strong. If you watch YouTube, Spotify or any other streaming platform, you will be overwhelmed with the same frequencies. These also ensure that you become calmer, you get better focus and therefore that you get more peace in your life. And it’s free too.

What is the total price of the God Frequency
The price of the God Frequency is $ 37 dollars. It is cheaper than mediation lessons and also considerably cheaper than a subscription for online guided mediation. Cheaper than pills to calm you down or a specialist where you can tell your story? That also true for the God Frequency, although you have to ask yourself which is more effective. You get a 365-day warranty as standard, so if it doesn’t help within a year, you can request a refund. If you believe that this frequency specifically allows you to receive the miracles of God, then of course it is a bargain. If you follow science, you also know that any kind of alpha and theta beats provide focus and tranquility. Fifteen minutes a day will have the same effect as the God Frequency. Check online on YouTube for examples for alpha and theta frequency and you will be overwhelmed by alternatives that are free and work just as well.

What do others think of the God Frequency
We find few genuine reviews about the God Frequency. Many reviews on the sales page indicate that exactly all the problems that Marcus mentioned for himself have been solved for them. Like a jigsaw puzzle that falls into place. If we dig a little deeper on the internet, we almost can’t find any positive reviews that cannot be directly linked to the God Frequency itself. And if they can’t be linked, they have no points of critique. Those reviews are more in the context of What a great product! Buy it now so I get my share! Fortunately, we also find a number of honest reviews that label the God Frequency as not real and dare to say the truth.

Is the God Frequency the long-kept secret of Jesus, which open you up like a magnet to the miracles of God? And are Marcus and Jacob genuinely real persons? We don’t think so. It’s clear to us you will benefit mentally and physically from listening to 15 minutes of binaural beats a day. When your mind is calm, everything in life is a lot easier and meditation can help a lot. Meditation gets easier with binaural beats. We don’t believe much of the whole sentimental story of Marcus, just like Jacob, the outcast priest. If this had really been true, more would have been known about it. The fact that the church wants to keep this secret and does everything it can to keep it hidden adds to the mystique of the whole story, but not to the credibility. In our opinion, you better keep the $ 37. dollar in your pocket and do your binaural beat sessions via a streaming service. Is the God Frequency actually a scam? The way they market it would say so. If it had been put on the market as an aid to meditation that gives you a better life through inner peace, we would gave it a better score.

We hope this review gave you the answers to the following questions:

  • Can Marcus – be trusted or is he a scammer?
  • Is the God Frequency worth your money, or is it a scam?
  • What are the experiences with Marcus’ God Frequency –

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