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Are you overweight and do you think you are not living a very healthy life? Then you might fall prey to one of the lifestyle diseases that result from obesity, namely type 2 diabetes. Or maybe you already know that you have type 2 diabetes, because the diagnosis has already been made by a doctor or specialist. In case you don’t know yet, type 2 diabetes carries all kinds of risks, one of which is amputation of limbs, such as legs. Of course nobody is waiting for that. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by living healthier and some even claim that it can be cured through a healthy lifestyle. George Reilly of Diabetes Freedom also claims that he cured his own type 2 diabetes using his own method. Whether that method is actually what? You will find out today in our review. Read on quick!

Who or what is behind Diabetes freedom
The creator of Diabetes Freedom is George Reilly. George Reilly himself says he has reduced his own type 2 diabetes by simply adjusting his diet. However, we don’t find anything about George Reilly in other places on the internet.

George Reilly?

George Reilly?

No interviews, no television appearances. The photos on the Diabetes Freedom sales page also differ from the man in the sales video. So it seems that we are dealing with actors. George Reilly will be a pseudonym and whoever really is behind the diabetes freedom is doing their best to stay hidden. The owner of the domain of the website is also protected and we cannot find company data anywhere. Is it then a scam? That is not necessary, of course, but a red flag will be raised.

What promises are made with Diabetes freedom
In addition to the long sentimental story you get to see on the sales page or in the sales video of Diabetes Freedom about George who is having a really hard time, there are a number of promises and statements made about the Diabetes Freedom program. For example, he claims that it can reverse type 2 diabetes. There is no further mention of the stage at which you should be of Type 2 Diabetes, but if you can believe George, he was in such a bad state that it saved him from sudden death. Of course everyone knows someone in his environment who speaks in superlatives, but whether George also has that quality? If you are to believe George, an advanced stage of Diabetes Type2 can be reversed to a stage where it no longer causes any kind of trouble. The best part is: His method works without drugs or supplements and without workouts. George claims that he received a diet from a Doctor Freeman that allowed him to lose a lot of weight and stop getting toxins in his body that make Diabetes Type 2 worse. That all sounds nice, but exactly how it works is not reflected on his sales page or in his sales video. The Dr. Freeman talked about is also a fictional person. Number two in the list. Together they have created a nutrition plan that ensures that your pancreas will work optimally again and your liver turns into a fat-burning machine. Their method shows results within 2 weeks. Either you have reduced your type 2 diabetes or your blood levels amaze your doctor. Within eight weeks, 84% of the participants was even cured of type 2 diabetes. Everything you are probably looking for is present in the sales pitch. A simple solution that works for many people, no medicines or other pills and of course quick results. It all sounds too good to be true.

What do you get when you purchase Diabetes freedom?
The Diabetes Freedom program consists of a number of items. A large part consists of PDF textbooks in which the method and nutrition plans are described. The total product looks like this:

Diabetes freedom package

Diabetes freedom package

  1. Main Manual: Pancreas Nutrition Plan. This is the diet plan, or rather the adjustment in your lifestyle that should ensure that the fat cells around your pancreas are reduced and your pancreas becomes healthier again.
  2. Meal Preparation Guide: Meal-Timing Strategies. This e-book is about the eating moments that you should have in a day in order to keep a blood sugar level as stable as possible. Not only the moments of nutrition are discussed here, but also the type of food that is the most healthy for you
  3. Quick Start Accelerator: Brown Fat Boosting Blueprint. Automatically burn more fat by increasing your brown fat. This ebook contains tips on how to do that. Of course it has to do with cold showers. Although the effect of brown fat is fairly hyped, every little bit will help to burn as much fat as possible.
  4. Video Library. In this video library you will find videosof the following subjects. Much of it is a rerun of what is also described in the above e-books.
    1. Nutritional Guide For Diabetes Type 2: Video rendering of the Main Manual.
    2. Meal Timing Strategies: Video rendering of the Meal Preparation Guide.
    3. Food Shopping Guide: In this video you will be guided by the hand and you will learn which products you should or should not add to your shopping basket when you go shopping.
    4. Body Movements: This video covers some simple exercises you can do to burn fat. They are simple and easy to follow. You can do them at home.
  5. Bonus: Stay Young Forever: Gives tips on how to feel mentally and physically young even when you are older.

    Fat burning Blueprint

    Fat burning Blueprint

  6. Bonus: 33 Power Foods For Diabetics: These 33 foods are extremely good for diabetics, helping you stay healthy and fight type 2 diabetes.
  7. Bonus: Fat Burning Blueprint: Provides extra tips to burn more fat faster and more, further reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The package is quite complete, but there are a few things that are covered in both the videos and the e-books. Whether that is a plus, of course, depends on your personal preference. Some would rather read than watch a video and vice versa. The information in the e-books gives you insights into how to live a healthier life and thereby reverse type 2 diabetes. However, you will have to do it yourself and just reading the information won’t get you there. You will have to apply and use the tips from the e-books. If it’s just reading and you just continue with your current way of life, then of course it’s not going to work.

What is the total price of Diabetes freedom
The price of the total package is $ 37 dollars and if you take advantage of the limited time discount of $ 10 dollars you will only be left with $ 27 dollars. For the 180 pages that is a great price. Medicines or a visit to a specialist will of course cost you more, but the question is whether we should make that comparison. If we compare it with other type 2 diabetes solutions in terms of a healthier lifestyle method, we think the $ 27 dollar is still a great price.

What do others think of Diabetes freedom
We see many reviews of Diabetes Freedom and these are generally positive. Many people who have read the book and applied the method from the book seem to have less problems with their type 2 diabetes. Many of these people also admit that they were living unhealthy before reading Diabetes Freedom. Maybe they didn’t look like that from the outside, but scans of their bodies proved that they had quite a lot of fat around the organs inside. After applying George Reilly’s method, this turned out to be much less and they had reduced their risk of type 2 diabetes. If they already had type 2 diabetes, it was reversed in most of the cases. The question is of course whether, like the fictional George Reilly, the reviews of others are also fictitious, but we come across so many that it wasn’t likely they were all made by the same party. We also do not find negative experiences or reviews by the way. That is another plus.

Whether you should take George Reilly’s sentimental story completely seriously? We don’t think so. A pretty doom scenario is sketched on the sales page that involves a lot of emotion. All this is to persuade you to buy Diabetes Freedom. Does that make it a bad product? No, we don’t think that either. The method described in Diabetes Freedom is easy to follow and if you stick to it it will help you live a healthier life. If you live healthier, you automatically limit the risk of type 2 diabetes and there is a good chance that you will reduce it if you already have it. Or at least ensure that the consequences of type 2 diabetes are limited. We regret that George’s story is so over the top in terms of sales pitch. Many things will be disappointing in practice, such as the result in two weeks. Take a year into account. Do you think you can do that yourself? That’s fine, but George gives you a good guide to take it step by step and that makes it a lot easier. Be honest: you don’t have to skip it for the price. Are you not satisfied? Then you still have 365 days (one year) money back guarantee. So there’s almost no risk.

We hope this review gave you the answers to the following questions:

  • Can George Reilly be trusted or is he a scammer?
  • Is Diabetes Freedom Worth Your Money or Is It A Scam?
  • What are George Reilly’s experiences with Diabetes freedom?

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