About us

101 reviews, as the name suggests, is a website with reviews. We review digital products, because we feel that there are just too many false reviews online. There are many reviews that leave out the negative aspects of a product, in order to make money selling as many of the digital products as possible. We think this is regrettable and our mission is therefore to write our reviews as independently as possible.
We can hear you thinking, So why are there affiliate links at the bottom of your reviews? That is just to cover costs. We have a team of reviewers behind us, as well as translators. This website is going to be made available in several languages.
We have made a selection of the networks that sell these digital products and where there is the most action of (dishonest) reviews. These are: Avangate, Bluesnap, Clickbank, Dealguardian and Jvzoo. Do you have a network that you’d like to see on this list, or would you like a review of a specific product? Don’t hesitate to contact us!